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Design Guidelines

Mirvac’s vision for Madox is for the development to harmonise with its surrounding context. These Design Guidelines apply to all residential development at Madox. The Design Guidelines must be read in conjunction with, and comply with, all other relevant statutory planning and building construction documents. 

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Mirvac has prepared an online editable Design Approval checklist to help you and your builder prepare and submit for Building Approval prior to construction of your new home.

We recommend you review this checklist along with the appropriate Design Guidelines to ensure that your plans comply prior to submission. This will assist in a smooth review process and quicker approvals can be issued.

Remember the Design Guidelines should be read in conjunction with all other relevant statutory planning and building construction documents. When submitting your plans please include the elevation, floor and site plan for your new home.  Details of the desired external colours and materials are also needed.

We look forward to assisting you obtain Design approval for your new home and if you have any queries regarding the process or anything else please email the approvals team at designapprovals.wa@mirvac.com.

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House and Land Submission Form

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